Why have I entered a Virtual Waiting Room?

When the ActiveMontgomery website reaches capacity, users may be placed temporarily into a Virtual Waiting Room. Once space allows, users will automatically be released from the Virtual Waiting Room to the registration site.

Can I lose my place in the Virtual Waiting Room?

No. Once you have entered the Virtual Waiting Room, you will remain in the Waiting Room even if your phone goes to sleep, you lose your internet connection, you close the Virtual Waiting Room page, or you navigate away from the site.

When you return to the ActiveMONTGOMERY website, a popup will notify you of your status and you will either return to your place in the Waiting Room, or be directed to the registration site. If you receive a timeout error, try refreshing the page in your browser or check your internet connectivity.

How does the Waiting Room determine my spot in line?

If you arrive at the registration site prior to the registration start time, you will receive a random spot in line when the registration event begins.

If you arrive at the site after the registration event has begun, you will receive the next available spot in line.

When it's my turn, how long do I have to complete my registration?

Once it is your turn to register there is no time limit for completing your transaction.

What happens if I try to access the registration site from multiple devices and/or internet browsers?

Each device or internet browser used to access the site receives its own place in the Waiting Room.

Note: Once released from the Waiting Room to begin registration, a household can open only one active ActiveMONTGOMERY session at time. Subsequent logins by the same household on an alternate device or browser will take over and replace any of that household's previous active sessions.