How to Use Rec Assist funds for Recreation Programs

1. From the main page of the website sign in your customer account

This image shows  the 'sign in / register for an account' button that appears underneath the My Account area.

2. Input your username and password

3. Select Login

This image shows the text boxes to input and create your username and password.

4. Search and register for your activity, membership or reservation

5. Select item and add to cart

This image shows that the box to check to add an item to your cart as well as the add to cart button that appears on the Activity serach page.

6. Input your email address and check mark the agree to waiver

7. Select continue

This image shows the area to input your email address, check box to mark the agree to waiver form.

8. Select Proceed to Checkout

This image shows the proceed to checkout button to select.

9. On the Checkout page select Scholarship from the Type section dropdown list

This image shows the area to select the scholarship type.

10. From the Scholarship drop down, select the family member with available Rec Assist funds

11. Input 80 percent of the total fee amount in the Amount field. Note: Rec Assist covers 80 percent of the activity fee, if you put in the full amount of the activity fee, a message will pop up showing the total amount (80 percent of the fee) that can be used for this transaction

12. Select Apply

This image shows the area to select the scholarship participant name, input the amount of money to use, select apply button.

13. The summary of charges will show the remaining amount to be paid

This image shows the summary of charges of the remaining amount to be paid.

14. Input your credit card information for remaining amount

15. Input your billing information

16. Select Continue

This image shows the area to input your billing information for your name, phone, and email address.

This image shows the area to input your credit card information which includes your name, credit card number, expiration date, CVV number, billing sgreet address and billing zip code.

17. Your online transaction using Rec Assist is complete

This image shows a checkout confirmation page.