How to Create A New Account

1. Select "Sign In / Register"

This image shows that the 'sign in / register for an account' button that appears underneath the My Account area.

2. Select "Don't have an account? Sign Up Now"

This image shows that the 'sign up for an account' button appears underneath the username and password text input boxes.

3. Input your email address as your Username. This will be your login.

4. Create Password, then retype to confirm.

This image shows the text boxes to input and create your username and password.

5. Head of Household / Organization: Input your information in all the required red fields: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Email address and Birthdate and answer required Household questions.

This image shows the form in which you input your name, address, birthdate and email address text input boxes.

6. To add any Additional Family Members and Emergency Contacts, click the blue button "Add New Member, Add New Contact"

7. Check "I'm not a robot" box.

8. Select Save

This image shows the form in which you input additional family members, check the box to state you are not a robot and the save button boxes.